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Thank you for meeting us @ the ECRM event!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Dear Flooky Friends, how are you all doing?

We wanted to thank you all personally, for meeting with us at the recent ECRM event in Poland. It was great meeting you in person, & getting to know lovely companies: from well-known and global brands, to local chain-stores and ambitious businesses, growing fast.

We're truly impressed, and looking forward to work together on new projects!

Here are some live-pictures from the event:

For those of you who didn't get the chance to meet with us,

We recently made a new catalogue of (some of) our procuts: view it online or download it here.

We'll also be happy to meet you again on the coming-up Canton Fair in November 2019, and discuss new possibilities. One of our new visions involves personalized designs and made-to-order collections.

Let's work together and make 2020 fabulous!

If you've never met Flooky in person before, I more than welcome you to come and meet us (during the Canton or whenevr works for you). We're also at your service on emails & phone whenever you need us, or just want to chat. Plus, we'd just love to see you on Skype/WhatsApp. Email Karen at:

We truly believe in what we do, and we're always happy to hear your success stories.

Keep in touch:

On Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or our Email

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