• Lian Epstein

Neon, Beige, Brown.

Winter is coming but August collection is all but not moody colors.

Funky Fish & Flooky presents full line of trendy accessories and invite you to join the creation and tag on or import the whole line to your country/ chain store/online

Why - no MOQ, super trendy, united in material and line – relevant to trends with huge variety –tag on or take it as Funky Fish.

About the collection-

Pastel colors, quiet rainbow & neon colors all goes with nude colors, natural vegan pastel and plaids – if you already join the production before you will know we are supper flexible with more colors. You’ll be posting loads of engaging content, so be sure to keep your blog organized with Categories that also allow visitors to explore more of what interests them.

Thanks to our clients that some of them are leading brands and some of them are designers and some of them have lot of sale channels we feel that this collection brings sure products.

Shipping to 40 different countries give us the right perspective for the right trend and the right products and the buying power we achieve together give you the right retail price and right margin to work with the items.

10 years ago we always hide the products now we share we get info from all partners and clients – we understood that innovation is endless.

Welcome to visit us in Canton Fair or make a pilot order for this ww19 line.

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